Lehua Blosssom Pure Raw Hawaiian Honey (4 Jars)




Found only in Hawaii, unique to Big Island

Late Spring into Early summer from Lehua blossoms from the Ōhi‘a forest upon the slopes of Mauna Loa
One of the world most unique and rarest honeysWhite to a Light Amber crystallized honey

This item includes FOUR 12oz jars.

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Most Lehua honey comes from the Ka‘u district of the Big Island. it is gathered in the cooler north highlands where the Ohia is often the first tree to grow on the new lava flows. It is naturally creamy and a soft yellow white color. The aroma is a magical mixture of woodlands and earthiness. The flavor is complex, bit of butterscotch, pure creamy butter and brown sugar. It is exotic and nto overwhelmingly sweet. It is perfect in coffee where the complex flavors of the coffee meld with the unusual character of the Lehua honey.

The legend of the Lehua blossom known as Pele’s flower is a fluffy red ball adorning the top of the Ōhi‘a tree. According to Hawaiian legend, Ōhi‘a and Lehua were lovers. The Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele desired Ōhi‘a but her advances were rejected. In a jealous fit the fiery tempered Pele turned Ōhi’a into a tree. Lehua was heart broken. She pleaded with the other Gods to take pity on her.

Lehua was turned into a flower wich they placed on the Ōhi‘a tree forever uniting the two lovers. Should you pick the Lehua flower from the Ōhi‘a tree, rain will come down, signifying the tears of the separated lovers.

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