Macadamia Nut Pure Raw Hawaiian Honey (2 Jars)




Winter to Early spring

Dark Honey

From the Macadamia Nut orchards of Mauna Loa

This item includes TWO 12oz jars.

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The Macadamia nut blossom produces a floral and nutty honey with a dark amber color and smooth liquid texture. An excellent alternative to refined sugar in baking. This pure raw Hawaiian honey adds richness to the flavor of everyday foods.

We produce all our honey on the Big Island of Hawaii without chemcials, heat or filtration.

The Macadamia nut orchards are on a flat pateau on the southn and eastern side of the island. The fragrant, delicate clustered blossom of the Macadamia nut tree adorns each glass jar of this Macadamia nut blossom honey.

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Weight 12.00 oz